Thursday, November 26, 2009

For my big debut, here are 200 random things from my brain.

1. I think piglets are cute but when you pick them up, they are really hard.
2. I want to get a goat and name it “dog”
3. My favorite animals are giraffes, elephants and flamingo's.
4. I am not afraid at all to speak in public.
5. I am not afraid to die although I would like to wait awhile.
6. I think black is a great color and vastly under rated.
7. I think that Stephen King is a very spiritual writer.
8. My favorite actor is Kevin Spacey.
9. I loved “American Beauty”
10. I don’t think all art should be “pretty”
11. Don’t choose a painting to match your couch.
12. Everyone loves art. Some people just haven’t found their art yet.
13. Everyone is religious. Some people just aren’t aware of what their religion is.
14. Information is power.
15. You won’t protect your children from making bad choices by withholding information.
16. Karen Carpenter was a great singer.
17. Elvis Presley wasn’t.
18. He was a great performer though.
19. Elvis Costello is a great songwriter, a so-so singer.
20. Bruce Springsteen is a great songwriter but a bad singer.
21. So is Bob Dylan.
22. Just because Donald Trump is rich, doesn’t mean that he knows what he is talking about.
23. Unless he is talking about money.
24. Liz Swindle is an impeccable illustrator.
25. James Christensen is a pretty good artist.
26. Ettore Sotsass is one of my design heroes.
27. I enjoy irony.
28. Alanis Morissette doesn’t seem to know what irony is.
29. She is also a pretentious singer.
30. So is Tory Amos.
31. So is Jessica Simpson.
32. I didn’t say they were necessarily bad, just pretentious
33. Jessica Simpson is a bad singer.
34. Most rich people don’t deserve every penny they’ve got.
35. Neither do I.
36. God/ The universe/ The universal consciousness can talk to us through our dreams if we will listen.
37. He won’t try if we are not listening.
38. Our ancestors make us.
39. You can be sure that they are protecting their investment.
40. Individuals are smart, innovative, Kind, Generous, Forgiving. People are stupid.
41. I want to be remembered as Kind and generous.
42. 42
43. I am not always kind.
44. I have a ganglion cyst in my right thumb.
45. I don’t really want to write a book.
46. Maybe a series of essays.
47. Everyone I meet is superior to me in at least one way.
48. I frequently pick up hitchhikers.
49. Once I picked up a kid who had lost his leg when a train ran over it. He was still wearing the bandage.
50. People give too much attention to profanity.
51. I think graffiti is beautiful.
52. Angela Landsbury says that “Beauty and the Beast” is a tale as old as time. How old is time?
53. If the tale is as old as time, are they twins?
54. If gambling is against the laws of God, how come so many Christians play the stock market?
55. Day trading or slot machines?
56. If you’re going to eat something, you should be able to kill it.
57. I think the NRA is great. They support responsible gun ownership.
58. I don’t think that anyone should be able to buy any gun anywhere.
59. I got nothing against automatic weapons.
60. Is “bling” the sound of a sparkle? If so, then if I prefer to wear a lot of matte jewelry then do I still have bling?
61. Sincerity is the best human characteristic.
62. If you throw a pop bottle out your car window and it falls off an overpass killing someone, are you guilty of homicide or littering?
63. Do these pants make you look at my butt?
64. When it comes to entitlement, the only difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich already have most of what they feel entitled to.
65. Most people think they deserve more.
66. I’ve dyed my hair every color but fire engine red.
67. Hair is fun. It grows.
68. I used to wear earrings in both ears, gauged to 10.
69. I have three piercings in my left ear, one in my right. No other piercings.
70. I don’t wear earrings anymore.
71. I have seriously considered getting a tattoo. Of the Angel Moroni.
72. Fornication and infidelity are much more damaging to American families than homosexuality so why aren’t the family values people crusading against them?
73. Huh?
74. Straight people are the ones that keep having gay babies.
75. If 16 penny nails really cost 16 pennies then houses would be much more expensive.
76. Why is the abbreviation for “penny” a d?
77. Why is pound abbreviated lb.?
78. Why is abbreviation such a long word?
79. What is the abbreviation for abbreviation?
80. My favorite color keeps changing.
81. Sometimes it is a combination of colors.
82. Right now it is black.
83. Don’t be hatin’.
84. Mozart is over-rated.
85. 2x42
86. He was pretty good though.
87. Danny Elfman is under-rated.
88. Neil Perth is the greatest drummer in rock.
89. Was Jesus a Christian?
90. Children are suicidal until about age 3.
91. Bacon is a good, Christian meat.
92. Everyone in the world should have the experience of climbing into soft warm bed.
93. I love marbles.
94. The 80’s were a blessing for the inventor of “Aquanet”
95. I think that if everyone were like me the world would be a better place.
96. Do you?
97. I didn’t say perfect, just better.
98. I don’t really hate anything or anyone but sometimes I say it just for effect.
99. I’ve had three people offer to teach me to play guitar just out of the blue.
100. Many people have asked me if I am in a band.
101. I have a collection of guitar picks that I have found on the ground. I don’t look for them, but I have about 20.
102. Maybe I have missed my calling.
103. I played trombone for four years in Jr. High and High school.
104. I was a clogger for two years.
105. We went to Mexico on tour.
106. I got the worst sunburn of my life on the beach in Zhijuatanejo.
107. Sunburns have never caused me much pain.
108. Mosquito bites don’t itch me much.
109. Mosquitoes don’t bite me very often anyway.
110. Anger is helpful when you just don’t have energy to fight.
111. If your car says anything about you, you should see a shrink ‘cause cars can’t talk.
112. Is your car talking about you behind your back?
113. What’s up with the platypus?
114. The platypus is the only poisonous mammal.
115. The platypus is a biological rebel.
116. The platypus is evidence that God has a sense of humor.
117. Seattle is a big test market area. While we lived there we saw many products come and go. Remember O.K. cola? Probably not if you didn’t live in Seattle.
118. I was addicted to Josta cola for about a year until it was discontinued.
119. Faith is the belief that God can give better things to you than you can provide for yourself.
120. It’s always funner to go somewhere when you get to dress up.
121. “Individual rights” is a fundamental principle of Liberal thought. It is what the Constitution is based on.
122. We have lost the definition of “Conservative” and “Liberal” in the politicization of the American bi-partisan system. Neither is inherently right or wrong despite what the talk-show culture has convinced so many. Each has valid contributions to make in our government, debate is healthy and balancing while one-sided name-calling and deridation is not only destructive but also unpatriotic.
123. We’ve had a lot of great Presidents, from several different political parties.
124. From the universe: hard work=quality results.
125. The internet is good.
126. Guns don’t kill people, bullets do.
127. 3x42
128. Fear is the greatest threat to everything good.
129. When afraid, men turn to conflict and women turn to magic.
130. If television is the opiate of the masses then reading is the opiate of…?
131. We need sadness, that’s why we feel melancholy.
132. I like to eat a little meat every once in a while.
133. Do vegetarians ever just want to sink their teeth into a thick juicy eggplant?
134. Vegans and omnivores have plenty of common ground.
135. Furniture is at the center of a material universe.
136. Probably a nice, wooden table.
137. What good is a gun with no bullets?
138. What bad is a gun with no bullets?
139. One of Satan’s greatest accomplishments is to convince us to do something good. Instead of something better.
140. His greatest accomplishment has to be convincing Men that he doesn’t exist.
141. I wonder if there are more CTR rings in Utah or Mickey Mouse antenna balls?
142. Does Australian Karma come around and go around the other way?
143. Do hobos worry about a recession?
144. Who will lose their jobs when Jesus comes back?
145. What will happen to the stock market?
146. I bet a lot of people will wish that churches could be publicly traded.
147. Who makes Jesus’ robes?
148. Music is very healing.
149. It can also cause injuries. Not just in mosh pits.
150. What fun would moshing be without music?
151. Those who dance seem very strange to those who can’t hear the music.
152. I recently heard about “Silent Rave” parties where a group of people agrees to meet in a public place and dance to their mp3 players.
153. Leave it to the techno geeks to make dances unsocial events.
154. What do animals really think about music?
155. I like me a crisp, stiffly starched, white shirt.
156. Not every Sunday but if you’re going to do it, well, do it well.
157. It is the responsibility of government to establish and maintain an atmosphere of opportunity.
158. If the opportunities of an individual or group are legitimately compromised, it is the responsibility of government, at the appropriate level, to restore them.
159. Opportunities are our only true rights.
160. The Constitution of the United States is an inspired document.
161. The Constitution of the United States is not a limiting document. It is a guiding document.
162. The Constitution of the United States is not a perfect Document.
163. Global warming may or may not be legit. We should still be responsible stewards of the earth.
164. Greed is NOT good.
165. Ambition is.
166. If it is not human nature to work hard, strive for improvement and seek for the betterment of Humanity, then capitalism will always fail.
167. Work hard.
168. Do it because it is the right thing to do, not because it will help you to amass more wealth.
169. 4x42
170. Nothing good is accomplished without sacrifice.
171. Put down the cat, I’m talking about personal sacrifice.
172. It’s all about the blues.
173. Never pray for patience.
174. The ideal politician should be: (in order of importance)
175. Humble
176. Righteous
177. Compassionate
178. Confident
179. Articulate
180. Educated
181. Experienced
182. Conservative
183. Flexible and
184. Hip
185. A lot of this list seems to be political in nature.
186. Of all the people in the world that died last year, most of them had eaten rice.
187. I’d rater be kind than right.
188. I’d rater be compassionate than wealthy.
189. I am prejudiced but I try not to let it affect my behavior toward individuals.
190. Women are the most influential gender.
191. If you want to change a culture, convince the women.
192. It may take a generation but the change can be dramatic.
193. Organizations like the Taliban understand this principle well.
194. Re-inventing the wheel is not such a bad thing.
195. Abandon typology.
196. I’d rather be Home.
197. It is the responsibility of each of us to exert our positive influence within our realm of influence.
198. I’m thankful.
199. You and I could love each other.
200. Jesus says we should.